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You Are Not Alone

Most of us will never get to confront the person or people who assaulted us. Most of us rarely talk about what happened to us at all. Sexual assault makes the victim feel so alone and so full of shame in a way that most crimes do not. But we must remember that we are not alone, and we do not need to keep feeling ashamed while we sit in silence.

The Impact Project is using our collective voices to create a visual representation of the silent thoughts, fears and worries we carry with us as victims of sexual assault. We invite you to create and share your impact statement and add your voice to the image. Together, we will create something meaningful from the struggles that we have faced.


Share Your Voice

What Is An Impact Statement

Impact statements are written or oral information from crime victims, in their own words, about how a crime has affected them.

For the purpose of this project, your impact statement can include information about the event itself, but it does not have to. What happened to you impacted your life, and you deserve to be able to talk about those impacts whether or not you are comfortable sharing the details of your assault. Your impact statement can be a single sentence, or many pages of thoughts. It is your choice what you include or don’t include in your submission. The only request we make is that you please don’t use real names in your submission other than your own.

We recognize that not everyone feels safe sharing the fact that they have been sexually assaulted. While you are welcome to give us your name with your statement, you do not have to. We encourage you to share your impact statement anonymously if that makes you more comfortable. Your voice is important regardless of whether people know who it belongs to. We do not ask for email addresses or any other detailed information that can be used to identify you.

All statements submitted will be incorporated into the collective voice word cloud and contribute to the co-created image depicting the long-term impacts of sexual assault. It is your choice whether you also want your full statement posted to The Impact Project website. Please submit your statement through one of the following links below, dependent upon whether you want your statement to be posted.

Please Note If you are involved in an on-going legal investigation related to your assault we suggest that you consult with your legal team before submitting your statement.

Contribute your voice to the project image and DO share your full statement on The Impact Project website

Contribute your voice to the project image and DO NOT share your statement on the web site