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More Than A Statistic

Dedication:  To all women and men that have fallen victim to any kind of assault. Written by: Anne Albert In my family, we are Christians and are taught you must be married to have sex. It is a sin otherwise. My vow to God was to wait until I was of age and readiness...

Peeing in the Dark

  I’ve been having panic attacks recently.  Full-on vomiting, hyper ventilating, wailing in the street panic attacks.  The acute trigger most recently has been school uncertainty.  My town, which I love, cannot get its act together to decide if and when my kids...


Sophomore in college, I transferred from a small to a very large university in my home town. I was so excited for my future and to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. Over Halloween weekend, I went to a fraternity party with a group of students. At one...

Head First

Guest Post I have always worn a bikini.  Wearing a bikini always made me feel like I wasn’t a short square person.   When I was in middle school and all my friends were taller than me, somehow, I thought showing my stomach would make me look taller and leaner.  Fast...